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      1. Bathroom


        Exquisite manufacturing, safe and reliable connecting parts make furniture components tight and firm.


        Soft-close concealed slides, full extension with integrated synchronization silent system.


        A double-wall drawer system integrates fashion and elegance, maximizes the storage space.


        Integrated soft-close hinges fit with a plenty of cabinet doors, supporting and facilitating designers ideas.


        Integrated soft-close hinges fit with a plenty of cabinet doors, supporting and facilitating designers ideas.


        Adjustable closing speed and damping closing force make each door panel open and close flexibly.


        Stable structure, safe and reliable, strong bearing capacity.

        Products Recommended

      2. PIVOT-STAR

        Featuring variable soft-close speed adjustment, Pivot Pro concealed hinges are the premier choice fo..

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      3. MAGIC-MOVE

        Concealed slides are ideal for cabinets and furniture in every room for the home providing comfortab..

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      4. PIVOT-PRO

        The smooth, soft-close motion of the Pivot-Pro series is the result of a strong damper mechanism tha..

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      5. SUPER-RAIL

        For manufacturers that prefer side-mount ball bearing slides, the Super-Rail series enables upgrade..

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      6. D HINGE

        With a slim, discreet design, the D series is ideal for fashionable cabinets and furniture.

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      7. MAGIC-PRO

        Fashion and elegance are two words that easily des..

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      8. D-MOTION

        Full-extension slides designed for American face-frame cabinets.

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      9. PIVOT-PRO FF

        A full program to accommodate door overlays from ?..

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      10. CONNECTORS

        DTC carries a variety of permanent and RTA assembly fittings for cabinets and furniture.

        Learn more

      11. A free consultation




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