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      1. Installation Tools

        Processing Equipment

        DTC provides tools that make hardware installation a simple process. From a simple template to a sophisticated assembly machine, you fill find the right equipment to accurately install DTC hinge and drawer systems with efficiency.

        Drawer Assembly

        For high-production environments, DTC drawer machines assemble the various metal drawer systems with rapid cycle time. They are designed for easy operation and long service life.

        Door Drilling and Hinge Insertion

        The DTC hinge boring machine drills the three holes necessary for press-in style hinges. In approximately 10 seconds, a two-cycle process drills the door and inserts the hinge. For small shops or large manufactures this machine is a key component in efficient cabinetmaking.

        Layout Templates

        Each hardware system has an installation pattern that can be accurately marked on the cabinet with the corresponding templates that are available.
        A free consultation




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