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      1. Sales Supplements

        Sales Supplements

        Material Manual Download

        Marketing Tools

        We can provide comprehensive materials to support your sales efforts, including display cabinets, display boards product mock-ups, DTC customized notebooks, desk calendars and more.


        Catalogue and technical manual- Learn more about DTC products.

        Ten Series Brochures

        A company image handout that highlights DTC’s ten most popular products. Bi-lingual, English and Spanish

        DTC Notebook

        A handsome journal to record your thoughts.

        DTC USB Stick

        A credit-card style zip-drive with company info and catalog that can be given as a small gift at exhibitions and conferences.

        Tape Measure

        A good quality 3 meter, ruler with a unique transparent appearance and comfortable grip appearance.

        Acrylic Tabletop Display Board

        Ideal for communicating product details at trade shows or promotional events.
        A free consultation




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