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      1. Livingroom


        Soft-close concealed slides, full extension with integrated synchronization silent system.


        New Snap-on Design, speed adjustable soft-close hinge


        Upgrade the traditional ball bearing slides with the built-in damping hinge drive system, makes open-close smoothly.

        D HINGE

        Integrated damping system with 3D adjustment function provides silent and gentle door closing.


        Innovative soft-closing mechanism making the sliding door more smoothly.

        Products Recommended

      2. PIVOT-STAR

        Featuring variable soft-close speed adjustment, Pivot Pro concealed hinges are the premier choice fo..

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      3. MAGIC-MOVE

        Concealed slides are ideal for cabinets and furniture in every room for the home providing comfortab..

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      4. PIVOT-PRO

        The smooth, soft-close motion of the Pivot-Pro series is the result of a strong damper mechanism tha..

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      5. SUPER-RAIL

        For manufacturers that prefer side-mount ball bearing slides, the Super-Rail series enables upgrade..

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      6. D HINGE

        With a slim, discreet design, the D series is ideal for fashionable cabinets and furniture.

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      7. MAGIC-PRO

        Fashion and elegance are two words that easily des..

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      8. D-MOTION

        Full-extension slides designed for American face-frame cabinets.

        Learn more

      9. PIVOT-PRO FF

        A full program to accommodate door overlays from ?..

        Learn more

      10. CONNECTORS

        DTC carries a variety of permanent and RTA assembly fittings for cabinets and furniture.

        Learn more

      11. A free consultation




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