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        Guangdong Dongtai Hardware Group

        Guangdong Dongtai Hardware Group, an R&D and manufacturing facility, is a professional provider of functional hardware products including: concealed hinges, epoxy drawer slides, ball bearing slides, undermount slides, double-wall drawer systems, door lifting systems, sliding door systems and connecting fittings suited for cabinets and furniture in residential or commercial environments. Dongtai has outstanding advantages in technology, manufacturing power, quality management, marketing and sales:

        DTC Hardware Group
        The professional staff at Dongtai’s Research and Development center have achieved the first government award in the field of furniture hardware engineering, technical research and product development.
        Every year, we internally develop a large number of products with innovative functions and patent protection which is highly appreciated and respected by our business partners. Meanwhile, Dongtai has been named a national high-tech enterprise and achieved the German iF Design Award as well as the Red Dot Design Award. As a manufacturer, Dongtai has constructed a powerful production system through 30 years of experience. Dongtai has 4 production facilities covering over 600,000m2 (6.5 million Sq/Ft). Starting from raw material slitting and cutting, to component stamping, roll-forming, die-casting, injection moulding, electroplating, powder coating, assembly, and then into packing and delivery, all production processes are completed within our own production sites in a closely connected sequence.
        DTC Hardware Group
        A robust quality management system has been embedded into daily operations and will continue optimizing along with Dongtai's development. Dongtai implements a rigorous quality control on its entire production flow starting from raw material purchase to pre-shipment inspection. Automatic production assures product consistency and contributes to the continuous improvement of quality.
        DTC Hardware Group
        DTC products are well in line with American and European test standards such as ANSI/BHMA, KCMA and EN and many of them have penetrated the high-end markets in developed countries.
        DTC Hardware Group
        DTCis a well-known global brand. The brand is strongly backed by extensive product lines, excellent product quality and considerate customer services. Dongtai has a team of professional sales representatives servicing clients in various provinces throughout China by delivering each client a tailored functional hardware solution. Through collaboration with agents in international markets, DTC branded products and services enjoy an accumulation of customers from different countries.
        All in all, Dongtai is an innovative, dynamic and young enterprise. Looking into the future, Dongtai will accelerate the pace of innovation and reform strive for perfection in the areas of product designing, automated manufacturing, sales and brand management, human resources and enterprise culture development. Dongtai will advance with the times making continuous innovations that provide competitive and comprehensive hardware solutions for the global cabinet and furniture industries.
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