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      1. About us


        DTC was founded in 1991 and has been committed to meeting the demands of modern high-quality home life for 28 years. "DTC" means "Dongtai China", which is an innovative home hardware brand of Dongtai Group.

        A modern enterprise with 5 factories

        600,000square meters

        From raw material procurement to shipment inspection, DTC strictly controls the entire quality process. At present, DTC products have been able to meet international performance requirements, such as the American ANSI / BHMA and European EN standards, and have won the favor of many home furnishing brands around the world. The three letters DTC represent not only a trademark, but also a guarantee of quality and credibility.

        We always consider the customer as the central focus and provide comprehensive home functional hardware solutions for the cabinet, bathroom, and closet industries as well as inspiration for designers of residential and commercial spaces.

        Dongtai has built an advanced automated production system. From raw material cutting, to component stamping, to finishing, to packaging and final shipment, the entire process is completed within DTC facilities.

        Total environmentally friendly hardware solution

        We are keenly aware of the impact that industrial manufacturing has on the environment, and early on, DTC transitioned to low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection practices.

        We have our own electroplating enterprise, using advanced cyanide-free technology with automated equipment that provides both environmental protection and superior corrosion resistance.

        DTC focuses on environmental protection and health when selecting hardware materials. Among them; plastic and grease materials meet the requirements of the EU 2002/95 / EC (ROHS) directive.



        Enterprise honor

        · German Red Dot Design Award
        · German IF Product Design Award
        · National High-tech Enterprise
        · Shunde Government Quality Award
        · Low-carbon Environmental Protection Demonstration Brand

        A free consultation




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